Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a host and domain? Can you take care of this for me?
A host is a location where your site resides. A domain locates an organization on the web ( It can be intimidating to secure these services without a technical background, so I do offer the option of obtaining it for you.
To cut costs, you may secure your own hosting and domain. Please be sure to select Linux as your platform when obtaining your host.

2. What will my site cost and how long will it take?
I can give you a cost/time estimate once you fill out the request form here.
Cost/time varies.

3. Can we speak by phone?
I do all of my communication by email, and occasionally by messenger. Some clients do prefer to communicate over the phone, in which case, we may not be suited to work together. Why? Due to the nature of web design (on the web), it is most efficient to exchange ideas visually and via links. A written record of all communication is key. Coupled with the introverted nature of most of us who choose this career path, the telephone wastes time and energy which would be better channeled into your design. Additionally, I'm a stay at home mom to 2 children under the age of 3 during the days - quiet phone time is impossible to come by.

4. Do you sell premade templates?
Occasionally. When I have templates for sale I usually have them featured on my site. They are a great way to get a website at a reduced price.

5. How can my site index first on Google?
Your site is optimized with keywords and submitted to all major search engines upon completion. If your site is new, it will take time before it starts coming up in searches. There are SEO (Search Engine Optimization) specialists whose businesses involve boosting your rankings, though using such a service cannot guarantee top placement. Your rank is related to how many hits your site is getting. Look into Google Adwords and get listed in as many business listings/ link exchange programs as possible.

6. Can we add music? A flash intro? What can we do to help my site stand out and attract visitors?
Unless you are in the music industry, music is not recommended. Sites with music have huge click-away rates.

Avoid landing/ splash pages or anything that may delay the visitor from getting to the information they seek.

Know the difference between web and print copy - try to keep it short and sweet.

Make sure that the images to be used on your site are top quality.

7.What methods of payment are accepted?
I accept paypal or personal check.

8. Can I update my website myself?
You may purchase a content management system which will allow you to make updates to your own site.

9. Can you write the content for my website? Will you edit any text that I supply?
The client is responsible for all text to be used on the website. Spelling/ grammar checks are recommended.

If you need assistance in developing your site's contents, you might consider hiring a copywriter. I offer copywriting services in a specialized genre (catalog copy). If you need a general copywriter, I can point you in the right direction.